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ATW-3212/5103000-series - Handheld System with ATW-C510 60 MHz UHF tuning bandwidth in each of 6 available frequency bands Unique multifunction but...


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3000-series - Handheld System with ATW-C510
  • 60 MHz UHF tuning bandwidth in each of 6 available frequency bands
  • Unique multifunction button to switch to a backup frequency
  • Frequency scan and IR sync functionality for ease of setup
  • Industry-standard thread for use with interchangeable microphone capsules
  • Charging terminals on transmitter to recharge NiMH batteries
  • ATW-C510 dynamic interchangeable cardioid capsule
“60 MHz tuning range”
With a class-leading 60 MHz tuning range – more than twice that offered by the previous versions – the new 3000 Series systems are available in 6 frequency bands - DE2 (470–530 MHz), EE1 (530–590 MHz), EF1 (590–650 MHz), FG1 (650–700 MHz), GH2 (795 – 806 MHz) and HH2 (821 – 865 MHz). Frequencies can be easily scanned and selected on the receiver and then synced with the transmitter via IR sync functionality. The 3000 Series even lets users set a backup frequency that can be quickly swapped by pressing the transmitter’s multifunction button in the event of unexpected interference.
“Backup Frequency”
Unique multifunction button on the handheld and body-pack transmitters can be used to switch to a backup frequency (on both transmitter and receiver) should interference be encountered
“interchangeable cardioid capsule”
The ATW-T3202 comes with an ATW-C510 dynamic interchangeable cardioid capsule, and its industry-standard thread allows for the use of Audio-Technica and other compatible capsules

Element Dynamic
Polar Pattern Cardioid
Frequency Response 90 - 12000 Hz
Impedance 50 Ohms
Weight 129 g
Dimensions 78.5 mm long, 53.7 mm max. diameter
Output Connector Interchangeable industry-standard thread

Overall System
Operating Frequencies Band DE2: 470.125 to 529.975 MHz
Band EE1: 530.000 to 589.975 MHz
Band EF1: 590.000 to 649.975 MHz
Band FG1: 650.000 to 699.875 MHz
Band GH2: 794.100 to 805.900 MHz 
Band HH2: 821.100 to 831.900 MHz and 863.100 to 864.900 MHz 
Please note that some frequency bands might not be available in your territory or could come with a limited tuning bandwidth / transmitting power due to local regulations.
Minimum Frequency Step 25 kHz
Modulation Mode FM
Maximum Deviation ATW-T3201: ±38 kHz (THD:10%)
ATW-T3202: ±36 kHz (THD:10%)
Simultaneous Use 40 Channels per band*
For assistance with multi-band operation or other frequency coordination issues, please contact your regional Audio-Technica customer service representitive. *Region and band dependent
Frequency Response ATW-T3201: 31 Hz to 15500 Hz 
ATW-T3202: 25 Hz to 16700 Hz
Operating Range 100 m
Dynamic Range ATW-T3201 Mic input: > 115 dB (A-weighted), typical
ATW-T3201 Inst input: > 112dB (A-weighted), typical
ATW-T3202: > 115 dB (A-weighted), typical
Total Harmonic Distortion <1.0% (at 1 kHz, ±17.5 kHz deviation)
Operating Temperature Range -5 ºC to +45 ºC

Receiving System True Diversity
Sensitivity 20 dBuV at 60 dBA S/N ratio (50Ω termination)
Maximum Output Level XLR / Balanced: +14 dBV
6.3 mm (¼"") / Unbalanced: +8 dBV
Antenna Input BNC-type, 50 Ω
Power Output 12 V DC, 160 mA (combined)
Power Supply 100-240V AC (50/60 Hz) to 12V DC 1A (center positive) switched mode external power supply
Dimensions 210.0 mm x 191.0 mm x 43.4 mm (W x H x D)
Weight 1100 g, without accessories
Accessories Included Two Flexible UHF antennas 
AC adapter (country dependent) 
Rack Mount Adaptors

Handheld Transmitter
RF Power Output High: 30 mW, Low: 10 mW (switchable), at 50 Ω
Spurious Emissions Following Federal and National Regulations
Microphone Element Interchangeable industry-standard thread
Battery Type Two 1.5V AA, not included
Battery Life High: 8.0 hours / Low: 9.0 hours (alkaline)
High: 9.0 hours / Low: 9.5 hours (Ni-MH 1900mAh)
Depending on battery type, usage and environmental conditions.
Dimensions 193.0 mm long, 37.0 mm maximum diameter
Net Weight 200 g
Accessories Included AT8456a Quiet-Flex™ stand clamp; ⅝"-27 male to ⅜"-16 female threaded screw adapte

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