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Whirlwind DIRECT2 – Direct Box

The DIRECT2 DI Box from Whirlwind is perfect for converting unbalanced signals from stereo keyboards, acoustic guitar preamps, CD and tape players, computer sound cards, etc.  


Each section features:
  • 1/4" parallel wired in/out jacks
  • Ground Lift switch to help eliminate hum and buzz
  • -20dB pad switch for connection to "hot" input signals
  • Uses Whirlwind's TRHL-M transformer with metal shield
The input and output grounds of each section are isolated from each other. This allows the DIRECT2 to be used as if it were two completely separate DIs without fear of creating ground loop interaction. Model # - DIRECT2 Impedance Ratio (input to output per channel): 133:1 Frequency Response: 20Hz-20kHz ±1dB Level Change (input to output): -20dB (pad out), -40dB (pad in)

Whirlwind IMP 2 – Passive Direct Box

Built rugged on the inside and outside, this is the world famous DI found in pro systems everywhere. The IMP 2 converts a line or instrument level unbalanced signal to a low impedance mic level balanced signal. Features include:
  • 1/4" parallel wired in/out jacks
  • Ground Lift switch to help isolate hum and buzz
  • Uses Whirlwind's TRHL transformer
It's the ideal direct box for anyone requiring professional quality and durability in an economical package. Model - IM2 Impedance Ratio (input to output): 133:1 Frequency Response: 20Hz-20kHz ±1dB Level Change: (input to output): -20dB

Whirlwind ISO-2 – Dual Line Isolator and Line Balancer

The ISO-2 from Whirlwind is a two channel isolation box and line balancer. As an isolation unit, use it to isolate lines to press and video feeds or on-stage power amps. It's a handy hum and buzz fighter for broadcast or live sound applications. As a balancer, it converts unbalanced lines from CD players, tape decks, etc. to balanced for long cable runs.

Whirlwind ISO1 Single-Channel Line Level transformer Isolation

Whirlwind ISO1 Single-Channel Line Level transformer Isolation, used to isolate lines to fight hum and buzz in broadcast or live sound applications, or convert unbalanced lines to balanced for long cable runs. A ground lift switch is provided to disconnect the input ground to the output.
ISO1 is a high quality line level audio transformer device. Use it on console outputs, amplifier input feeds or any line level signal for transformer isolation and ground lifting to overcome buzz and hum problems. Use it as a balancer to convert between balanced XLR and unbalanced 1/4” signals. The ISO1 uses Whirlwind's TRSP- 600L transformer with a frequency response of ±1 dB from 20 to 20 kHz at +20 dBm input level.

Whirlwind SP1X3 – 1×3 Mic Splitter

The SP1X3 from Whirlwind provides one direct and two isolated outputs. Each transformer isolated output on these devices features a ground lift switch.


Operating Level: -0.5dB to +4dB Frequency Response: 20Hz-20kHz ± 0.63dB Max input level: -0.5 dBu

Whirlwind SPLIT6 – 1×6 Line Splitter

Split 6 is a 1 input, 6 output line level signal splitter that features 1 female XLR input wired to 6 male XLR outputs. Perfect when adding extra amplifiers to a system, connecting multiple powered speakers, splitting intercom lines, etc.