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Everything you need to record and produce—and beyond Produce and record like a pro with a single-purchase bundle. The core of this package is the AudioBox USB 96 audio/MIDI interface and award-winning Studio One recording and production software. You also get PreSonus’ best-selling Eris E3.5 Active Media Reference Monitors and HD7 headphones, allowing you to monitor your work loud and proud or quietly to yourself. Lastly, the M7 dynamic microphone is a superior all-purpose condenser mic ideal for guitar and vocals—and we even included all the necessary cables and a desktop mic stand.
With AudioBox USB 96: Simple, reliable, and portable. Studio One Artist to make recording a breeze. The Sound you can trust with Eris 3. Capture every nuance with the M7 condenser microphone and Hear every detail with HD 7 professional headphones.

SE Electronics X1 S Studio Bundle

The sE Electronics X1 S Studio Bundle has everything from the Vocal Pack, plus our simple and effective RF-X so you can record anywhere you want including in a non-acoustically-treated space (bedrooms, closets, etc.), a Reflexion Filter® helps keep your signal clean without the sound of your room around it. SE Electronics X1 S Studio Bundle Includes, X1 S microphone, RF-X Reflexion Filter®, sE Isolation Pack (with pop shield), and a 3-meter mic cable.